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Best-Dressed Fans: Part 2

It's week two of that tournament in Brazil that everyone’s talking about, and the off-field looks just keep getting more splendidly outlandish. Check out last week's batch of stadium style heroes and read on for our latest parade of excellently attired supporters.

best dressed fans part two

Picture: Liam Aylott/PA Images Contributor

We’ve already identified the Mexico shirt as the hipster’s choice, but it’s this guy’s fulsome and excellently groomed beard that's the real winner here. A seriously strong look, whether you’re in Shoreditch or Sao Paulo.

best dressed fans part two

Picture: Getty

These matching Costa Ricans have adopted the Dudley from The Royal Tenenbaums look and their soccer steez is all the sounder for it.

best dressed fans part two

Picture: Action Images / Jed Leicester

There’s a lot of quirk going on here, but these Colombian manic pixie dream fans have the charm to pull it off. The glasses and vuvuzela on their own might be annoying, but weird kangaroo-football-brain hats as well? We’re onboard.

best dressed fans part two

Picture: BPI

It’s a dilemma for the discerning footy fan: face paint demonstrates your team pride, but it can be hard to look cool with a great big flag emblazoned across your handsome visage. This Mexico fan has solved the problem by leaving her face fresh and applying the flag paint just about everywhere else. Bonus points for the matching bikini top and sombrero (if you’d noticed the sombrero).


Picture: Getty

Another face paint option is just to style it out with regular accessories and act natural. This chap’s smart trilby makes his Argentinian flag make-up look like the sort of thing you’d wear to an East London street food festival or your job at a 50s insurance company.