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The Five Best Big Beards

Vikings are so in right now. They've got a massive exhibition at the British Museum, and this Friday sees the start of the cannily named Vikings on Love Film. It's a big ol' drama following the adventures of legendary chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok, and it reminded us that Vikings had style, specifically in the beard department - theywere big, wild and awesome. Check out five men who have carried on this mighty tradition.
the five best big beards

Picture: Landmark Media

Jax Teller
The undisputed star of Sons of Anarchy (played by Charlie Hunnam), this bearded bad boy (quite the achievement amongst this group of bikers) has steadily grown his face fur out over the series. Teamed with slicked back hair, leather jacket and an entire biker gang, it’s a formidable look.
the five best big beards

Picture: Getty

Byron Davis
The former Los Angeles Clippers and New York Knicks point guard is big in body and very big in beard. After tearing his ACL, Davis is now retired and making moves towards acting. He's a shoe-in for fearsome giant types, for sure.
the five best big beards

Picture: Getty

Brett Keisel
Picture the scene, you're standing on a football pitch, minding your own, when all of a sudden you see the 6'5" Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end, Brett Keisel, and his giant beard, steam-rolling towards you. What do you do? You run, of course. Look at the guy.
the five best big beards

Picture: Absolute Film Archive

We could all do with a bro like Hagrid. Think Harry could have taken down Lord V without him? No way. Dude can control giant spiders! He's also the owner of the biggest and best beard this side of Durmstrang.
the five best big beards

Picture: Photoshot

Charles Darwin
On the origin of badass beards, Charley D is the authority. When he wasn't catagorising orchids to explore the effects of cross and self fertilisation in the vegetable kingdom, he was sprouting some dope face fuzz. And he was a fan of black, so very on trend too.