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5 Top Smartwatches

With rumours of an Apple smartwatch getting the internet all excited, we spoke to Matt Hill, editor of T3 technology magazine, about the best smartwatches available today.
5 top smartwatches

Picture: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Gear
"Available in a raft of hues, this 800Mhz smartwatch connects to a growing gang of Samsung phones by Bluetooth, letting you make calls and access your digital life from your wrist. The 1.6-inch Super AMOLED touch screen brings up vital info like emails or the weather via apps downloaded to the 4GB on-board storage, while the strap snaps 1.9-megapixel selfies." £280
5 top smartwatches

Picture: Sony

Sony Smartwatch 2
"The techy timepiece that most resembles an actual watch, this sleek Sony also straps a 1.6-inch screen to your extremeties for uninterrupted digital info flow. Syncing with smartphones running Google's Android platform, it packs in NFC connectivity for wireless transactions, a pleasingly sturdy three-day battery life and more than 200 apps to personalise your interactions." £150
5 top smartwatches

Picture: Pebble

"The original Kickstarter-funded spark that ignited the smartwatch boom, this US startup's stylish wristpiece uses a Kindle-esque e-ink display to banish screen glare when checking in on Facebook or Twitter. The fact Pebble's a relative veteran means it's managed to refine the software and get a load of activity-specific apps (music, running, golf) under its belt, too." £180
5 top smartwatches

Picture: Qualcomm

Qualcomm Toq
"This bold, US-centric smartwatch for Android devices boasts a unique touch screen that not only drains less power than LCD or AMOLED displays but also makes it viewable in direct sunlight, eliminating two smartwatch bug bears instantly. Wireless charging and an open-source, developer-friendly back end are also extremely helpful." £215
5 top smartwatches

Picture: Metawatch

Metawatch Frame
"With a charmingly retro design and affordable price, the Frame is less a statement, more an unassuming accessory. The 96x96-pixel reflective-mirror display squeezes in most of your phone's dynamic info from the time to missed calls, while the dual-mode Bluetooth setting means you can sync two handsets at a time. A raft of widgets let you tinker further, if you must." £120

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