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Get Awesome Hair Now

Here at ASOS Menswear, we like a birthday.

And today, it's Justin Timberlakes turn to receive some love as he turns 34. To celebrate, we've decided to ignore his back catalog of epic pop songs, in favour of heaping praise on the many brilliant, often courageous, haircuts his brought us in over three decades on this sweet Earth.

So strap yourself in, as we take you on a journey through time and JT's folliculer triumphs.
get awesome hair now

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This hair style prompted groups of young admirers to follow Justin around for weeks, performing a slow and constant clap behind him. Of course, that's a lie. But there's something heroic about a former Micky Mouse club member trying to harden up his squeaky-clean image by asking his barbar for corn rows.
get awesome hair now

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The bowl (of cornflakes) cut
The late 90s were all about Tamagochis and wet look gel. But mainly wet-look gel. This fact, combined with tight, corkscrew curls meant JT's hair had a look and consistency similar to a bowl of cornflakes. Sure, Justin's crispy Barnet had its haters, but people forget how girls flocked to it like bees to honey, including former mega-babe Britney Spears; so he definitely had the last laugh.
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Picture: AFP

The skinhead
In 2002, Justin released his first solo single, Cry Me A River, simultaneously parting with his N*Sync bandmates and his hair. New-era Justin was a man of slick dance moves, so any excess hair was ditched in a bid to become more aero-dynamic.
get awesome hair now

Picture: Redferns

The grow-out
Uh-oh, it's that awkward growing-out phase. Thankfully, men with such a enviably handsome face and sense of style don't need to worry about this to much. But for the rest of us, that's what hats are for.
get awesome hair now

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The neat sweep
Along with David Beckham, Justin has become the posterboy for a neat, sweeping hairstyle. The key to getting this look is to ask your barber to keep things business-like at the sides – a short, graduated scissor trim should help you tow the line – but keep some length in the the top, so that all that stands between you and looking excellent is a comb and a healthy dollop of pomade.