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What is Save for Later?

You're able to save items for later in your 'Saved Items' list, so if you're browsing the website and aren't ready to buy anything straight away, you can add the item to your saved items list for when you're ready to buy - and you can an eye on your must have items in the meantime!



How does it work?


To add an item to your 'Saved Items' list, simply log into your ASOS account and select the heart icon on each product page.

To view your saved items list, just select the heart icon at the top right hand side on any page of the website.

Once an item is added to your 'Saved Items', you'll be able to see if it has reduced in price since adding it to your saved items list, if the item is out of stock in your chosen colour/ size or if it's out of stock.

You'll even be able to see if the item is low in stock, so you can snap it up before it goes out of stock.


How long does it save an item for?


When you're logged into your account and save an item for later, it'll be added to your saved items list for 6 months. After 6 months, the item will be removed from the list. 

Please note: if you're not logged into your account, the item will remain on your 'Saved Items' list for 60 days. After 60 days, the item will be removed from the list.


Is my item reserved?


Saving an item for later does not reserve the item for you - items placed in your saved items list can still be bought by other customers.

If you add an item to your shopping bag but don't go to checkout, the item will be automatically moved to your saved items list.


What if my saved item goes out of stock?

If you're using our app, you can sign up to receive 'Back in Stock' notifications.

You'll need to make sure you've opted into receiving push notifications from us. To do this, simply go to 'My Account' and select 'Notifications'. Once there, you'll be able to see whether you've opted into receiving 'Back in Stock' notifications or not.

Find out how push notifications work here.

Once your settings are up to date, you can opt into receiving a notification if a product in your 'Saved Items' becomes available again. To do this, simply go to your 'Saved Items' and select 'Notify Me'. If the item comes back in stock in your selected size, we'll let you know.