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You don't have to be a Zen master to sense that something heavy is hanging in the air – and bad energy can have a negative impact on creativity and wellbeing. Luckily, we’ve got loads of little bits (and tips) that can flip the balance to a more positive vibe. Turning your home into a temple of peace, love and creativity is just five steps away.
A picture of a large black laundry bag by TYPO, available at ASOS.

1. Get (a little) organised

The first step on the path to getting rid of negative vibes? Try to keep things tidy and organised. Start by opening windows to get some fresh air circulating around your space. Next comes the organisation – only a little bit, mind. Australian label Typo's fun collection of homeware is ideal if you need to level up your work area, living room or bathroom, with plenty of products that'll give your space the clean lines and character it craves.


Typo laundry bag

Psychic Sisters sage smudge sticks, available at ASOS

2. Cleanse your space

Create space for some good energy with a bunch of herbs or sage. At the very least, it'll rid your place of last night's cooking smells – but 'smudging' is also believed to cleanse the auras and energies of people or spaces. Simply light the bundle, like this one from Psychic Sisters, and waft the smoke around your home, starting at the front door. While you're wafting, if you state your intention aloud (go on, do it like no one's watching), it will increase the cleansing power. Insider tip, just sayin’.


Psychic Sisters sage smudge sticks

This Works deep sleep heavenly candle. Available at ASOS.

3. Get into candles

We've long known that burning a scented candle is the fastest route to combatting negative energy, aiding relaxation and generally making your place feel a bit more fancy. But candles are 100% more than just décor. Whatever you're up to at home, a nice candle can help sharpen your mind, create a cosy atmosphere for staying in, or transport you somewhere else entirely – ideal if your housemate/partner/pet isn't cutting it for entertainment right now.


This Works deep sleep heavenly candle

Sass & Belle hanging planter, available at ASOS

4. Become a plant person

Whether you prefer colourful blooms or have an insta-worthy selection of tropical greenery, it pays to have plants and flowers in your home. They'll not only naturally improve the look of your interior, but freshen it with their scent and can even improve air quality. Make it personal with different pots or vases, like the above from Sass & Belle, and your home will instantly start to radiate love and happiness. 


Sass & Belle hanging planter

Psychic Sisters love crystals set. Available at ASOS.

Pictures: ASOS

5. Explore the power of crystals

Everyone can agree that they look and feel awesome, but if you're well into crystals, you'll also collect them for their protective powers, believed to cleanse spaces and improve well-being. Try one of the sets prepared by Psychic Sisters – each contains a selection of hand-chosen gemstones. Place them in every corner of the room to block any negative energy entering your space, or simply select three crystals in the morning and keep them close to you throughout the day.


Psychic Sisters love crystals set