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Jules Von Hep has spray tanned the biggest names for the biggest red-carpet events for over a decade. If anyone knows what it takes to make the perfect bottled glow, it’s him. Happily, he had a brainwave and thought if he used colour-correcting technology to make his own brand of tan, people would be able to copy his world-famous glow at home. So he did, and boy are we glad. From drops to tanning water, this isn’t your run of the mill gear – so, before you pop your mitt on, here’s what you need to know about Isle of Paradise’s products…

Isle of Paradise Prep It Self Tan Priming Spray from

The Prep It Self-Tan Priming Spray, $30

This is clever and very faff-free. In the same way you might use a toner or primer before you apply makeup, this is your pre-tan equivalent. Enriched with vitamins and Oxy-Glow (cos, science) as well as hydrating avocado, chia and coconut oils, simply spray this onto your skin, let it dry completely, then apply your tan on top. Not only will all that hydration help tan go on more evenly but it also helps it last up to three days longer. Genius. 

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops from

The Self Tanning Drops, $40

This is gradual tanning 2.0. What is great about the drops is they act as a very concentrated drop of tan that you can then add to your moisturiser or body cream as and when. So you still get to use your favourite skincare, but with those added tanning benefits. Pop your normal amount of moisturiser into the palm of your hand, then add between 1-12 drops of tan and apply to your face or body as normal for a super-natural glow. Don’t be alarmed by the shade of drops in the bottle, that colour correction at work means that peach gives you a light tan, green a medium tan and purple a dark tan.  

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Water from

The Self-Tanning Water, $38

This is your full body, apply-with-a-tanning-mitt, developing tan. Because the tan is in water form, instead of a gel or lotion, it mists over the body for coverage that is really even and also miraculously without that fake tan smell. Once you’ve spritzed all over, blend in with a tanning mitt and you’ll have a non-orange, streak-free tan within four to six hours. 

Isle of Paradise Over It Magic Self Tan Eraser from

Pictures: ASOS

The Over It Magic Self-Tan Eraser, $36

This clever little bottle can be used two ways. First of all, if you’ve forgotten to use a mitt or have sprayed your tan overzealously in any one area, this can be used topically as an eraser. Just spray onto the area, lather up, leave on for five minutes, and wash off in the shower. Or, if you’re ready to exfoliate your whole body in readiness for your next tanning sesh, lather up all over and buff away all tan or dead skin in the shower so that you’re primed and ready to get glowy again sharpish.