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Whether the late nights are racking up or you’ve got a serious scrolling addiction, there's a good chance you're lacking on the sleep front. Which is why it’s all about creating a pre-bed regime of products that make the most of the shut-eye you do manage to get. Oh, and there’s legit science to back it up. While you’re starfishing in bed, your skin is busy working on itself, making night the ideal time to use some great stuff...
7 bed-time beauty products, available at ASOS

Sleeping beauty

Me: 'Right, I'm 100% having an early night tonight.' Me at 3am: 'What does happen to all my lost hairbands?' Between overthinking till the early hours and my 5.55am daily alarm *shudders*, I’m one sleepless night away from getting a 'you look tired' comment. So, to help out my fellow surviving-on-caffeine comrades everywhere, I put some of the best beauty sleep buys on ASOS to the test.

Cream of the crop

Full disclosure – this is on the expensive side. But if you want to invest in your skin, an A+ night cream like this is where you should start. Infused with hyaluronic acid, dragon’s blood (no mythical creatures harmed) and more, this lightweight cream is packed with hydrating and plumping essentials. I slept and awoke with softer skin. Win, win.


Rodial Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Night Cream, $143

Water, baby

Workout and soak is my usual go-to combo when I need a deep snooze. I didn’t exercise this time (my bad), but I did swirl this into my evening bath after a long day and hello, instant home spa. Heads up, the ‘deep heat’ scent is intense, so if strong aromas aren’t your thing, maybe give this one a miss. But with botanical ingredients like juniper, Alpine lavender and the classic muscle-easing sea salt, it’s just the thing to combat those commuter aches.


Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak, $76

Masked crusader

My parched pores were feeling so blessed after this ridiculous creamy overnight mask sachet. Price-wise, it’s a total steal. Plus, it’s infused with ingredient of the moment, coconut oil, and the scent is just everything. It’s really rich so apply a little while before you go to bed so it can sink into your face, not your pillow. Oh, and tying your hair back is wise too *remembers for next time*.


Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Moisturising Sleeping Mask, $6

Exfoliation station

Usually normal/dry, at the moment my skin type is best described as WTF. So with its blend of buzz-worthy exfoliating acids, I thought these might help banish the signs of flaky early-winter skin. They sure did, but they’re pretty strong so I don’t think my skin could handle using them too often right now. I’ll be bringing these back out in summer though, for sure.


NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix X-treme Pads, $30

Snooze fest

This range sells out at ASOS. All. The. Time. And now I can totally see why. Spritz this pillow spray liberally for serious sleep-inducing power. Its lavender scent helped me fall asleep quicker than I usually do at the movies. But, most importantly, deeply. Who’s looking fresh for brunch? This girl right here.


This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray 75ml, $52

Pictures: ASOS

Fantasy tan

Am I dreaming or did I just wake up with my Thailand tan back? Sadly not, but this was a pretty good start. A few drops rubbed onto a freshly cleansed pre-bed face gives you a subtle but noticeable warmth. It’s a gradual tanner, but my advice is go easy, and as with any product like this exfoliating and moisturising are non-negotiable.


Tan Luxe Sleep Oil Rejuvenating Gradual Miracle Tanning Oil, $68