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So, what do we know about the new toy from Scandi beauty brand, Foreo? It fits into the palm of your hand and resembles a pebble-like instrument of intrigue. But if you’re currently looking to switch up your routine and find yourself curiously side-eyeing a new addition, trust, this could be the game changer your skin never knew it needed…

Foreo cleansers available on ASOS

What is it?

First off, it’s a kind of semi-automated facial cleansing device. Yes, yes, before you freak at the notion that humans have reached peak laziness – FYI, it doesn’t just replace your hands as your daily cleaning apparatus, it trumps them several times over. Hear that? Hand-to-face motions = cancelled.


Why is it better?

Unlike the spin-brush devices you may have tried before, a Foreo is less abrasive, more hygienic, and you don’t have to replace the head every five secs (so less $$$). The sea anemone-like bristles are silicone touch-points, designed to deliver ever-so-gentle pulsations that exfoliate your face. So, all you need is a squirt of cleanser to glide over your face in circular motions for a minute. Then, just rinse, towel-dab dry and you’re good to go.

Foreo facial cleansing brush in combination

Foreo Luna Play available at ASOS

Pictures: ASOS


The best part?

A Foreo not only leaves your skin cleaner, it's also smoother and brighter – plus any product you apply after works even better. No word of a lie. The gentle exfoliation removes dead skin cells so everything sinks in more efficiently. Gone are the days of pouring half the contents of a 'remortgage your house expensive' serum onto your face to reap microscopic benefits.


So, which one’s for me?

Even though they’re all pretty gentle, there are different variations that will cater to your exact skin needs. Dry skin with oily patches? You want the Go Sonic for combination skin. Super sensitive skin? No problem – shout-out to the delicate bristles and lower frequency pulsations of the Luna 2. Going away on holiday? The super-teensy and compact Luna Play is the one.