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For years, gender has tended to dictate how much bathroom shelf space one is bestowed, meaning there’s a high chance your girlfriend’s bathroom kit dwarfs your modest razor-and-face-cream combo. But taking proper care of yourself is something every guy can get on board with. So if you’re looking to up your bathroom regime, dip into her highly prized beauty stash (then be sure to replace what you took and buy some for yourself). Here’s where to start.

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You’ve likely copped a half-decent moisturiser already, but you might not know what your girlfriend discovered long ago – that there’s a unique moisturiser for every skin type. Invest in one that’s specially tailored to your needs, whether that’s dry, oily, combination or sensitive. (Or even a two-in-one – for example, a moisturiser that reduces post-shave burn and protects you from the sun. Two burns, one stone.)


Formula 10.0.6 Picture Perfect SPF 15 Daily Moisturiser, $20

Face mask

You’ve either witnessed your other half walking around the house with one on and thought she was a masked intruder, or she’s successfully convinced you to join her in a Sunday-night-sheet-mask session and you’ve sceptically agreed (and not hated it). Either way, there’s no denying how much fresher your skin looks after a face mask. Incorporate a few into your bathroom arsenal for that reason – well, that, and because they make Snapchat content 10 times funnier.


Yes To Tomatoes Charcoal Detoxifying Paper Mask, $7

Lip balm

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Lip balm

Chapped lips are never a good look. Your girlfriend has an epic stash of glosses and balms in the bottom of her bag, and here you are licking your lips for moisture (which, in fact, only dries them out more) and occasionally accepting her sympathy offer of a swipe of chapstick. There are stacks of high-quality lip balms at your disposal, and they’re packed full of the good stuff – think lanolin and coconut oil – to see you through summer chap-free.


Baxter Of California Hydro Salve Lip Balm, $20


Nobody likes pimples. But you’ll probably like them even less when you’ve got somewhere important to be and you discover a raging red spot on your chin. Concealer is just the thing to cover that sucker up. If you’re keen to get your own, start with a blend that comes in a pot. With clean hands, rub your index finger into the concealer – be sure the colour matches your normal skintone – and then dab it onto the problem zone to blend.


NYX Professional Makeup Concealer Jar, $12

The Ordinary

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The cure for those puffy, post-party eyes is sitting right there on your bathroom shelf. Your girlfriend likely has an epic collection – as she explains, 'they all do different things!' – so look for one that contains caffeine. Just like your morning brew, a serum containing caffeine will pep up a tired face in a snap. Squeeze a few drops onto your fingertips, rub together and then swipe over your face before applying moisturiser to lock in the goodness.


The Ordinary Caffeine Solution, $13.50

Fake tan

With a few beach days already under your belt you might not need this, but, hear us out – a gradual tanner acts like a daily moisturiser but adds natural-looking colour, too. There’s no risk of your skin beginning to glow orange as the day wears on – we swear it – because the colour builds into a natural tan, and you can alternate daily application between a gradual tanner and a regular moisturiser to ensure there’s no risk of the office discovering your secret.


St Tropez Gradual Tan Classic Face Lotion in Light/Medium, $29