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There aren't many cultural artefacts more beloved, by a certain generation of cool kids, than David Lynch’s early 90s crime thriller Twin Peaks (younger viewers get to see what all the fuss is about as a long-awaited third series hits Stan). The show’s carefully curated fashion is a key part of its enduring hipness – right up there with spooky synth musical cues and really complicated plot twists – and we’ve pulled together a handy guide to its stylistic takeaways. 

dale cooper in twin peaks

Go classic in camel

Few TV detectives are as flawlessly put-together as Special Agent Dale Cooper. Perfectly side-parted hair, super smart slim-cut suits (damn fine suits) and a strong line in patterned bathrobes. Best of all is his timeless take on that sleuth staple, the camel trench coat.

street style guy in camel coat

Picture: Rober Spangle

Nothing beats the style sensation when great overcoats collide with really sharp suits. Your man here knows this, elevating his camel coverup with slim-cut grey trousers and an on-point shirt/tie combo that makes the whole look less Open All Hours and more up all night solving crimes while wired on diner coffee.

josie packard in twin peaks


River deep, trousers high

Sawmill owner Josie Packard brings a shot of out-of-town glamour to the Washington backwoods. This androgynous, 40s-inspired look contains everything you need to add a touch of old-school suave to your smart-casual wardrobe – high-waisted trousers in a subtle check, silky revere-collar shirt, thick-rib brown cardigan and an ultra-slick side-part hairstyle (vampy red lipstick is an optional extra).

street style guy in high-waisted trousers and leather jacket

Picture: Anthea Simms

Hoiking up your trews and tucking in your top is a key move for adding a touch of subtle vintage style to your 2017 steez. This fella’s high-waisted slacks are an excellent example of the trend, while his retro-striped tee and leather jacket nicely relax and steezify the look - in case you’re not quite feeling Packard’s sexy film noir grandad (grand-père fatale?) vibe.

bobby briggs in twin peaks

Picture: CBS Studios

The man behind the curtains

Bad boy Bobby Briggs channels classic Hollywood rebel style (leather jackets, Levi 501s) by way of the pacific north-west in 1990 (chunky boots, slouchy sweats). Basically it’s a grunge look, with less moody introspection and more being a handsome jerk.

street style guy with centre parting

Picture: Michaela Tornaritis

The basic elements of Bobby’s grungy steez are probably already in your clothing rotation. But we’re not talking just layering up a long-sleeved and short-sleeved T-shirt here – for a next-level 90s look, why not experiment with his centre-parted, curtains hairstyle? Rocker garb will toughen up the mood and keep it from getting too ‘Hugh Grant’, while the middling length offers plenty of versatility if your 90s nerve wavers.

James Hurley in twin peaks

Picture: CBS Studios

Chairman of the borg

Laura Palmer’s secret boyfriend and permanently furrowed brow haver James Hurley brings some All-American biker style to the town of Twin Peaks. This being mist-shrouded rural Washington, however, Hurley’s winterises his leather look with a toasty borg collar.

street style guy in shearling jacket

Picture: The Urban Spotter

70s staple shearling has made a strong comeback in recent years, with everyone from Dolce & Gabbana to Kanye West’s Yeezy label adding a cosy sheepskin lining to standard outerwear silhouettes like denim jackets and hooded parkas. This guy’s gone old-school with flight-jacket-esque leather and a frown worthy of James Hurley himself.

josie packard in twin peaks

Pictures: CBS Studios

Fur walk with me

Nothing says I’m a wealthy wood magnate with a mysterious and dangerous past like wrapping yourself in a furry beast of an overcoat. If you aren’t actually a wealthy wood magnate (and don’t live in a bucolic mountain idyll surrounded by defenseless woodland animals), then faux-fur is a more ethical and affordable option.

Luka Sabbat in furry coat

Picture: The Urban Spotter

If you’re going for this kind of statement outerwear look, then coordinating with a cohort (be it your street-style bae or your sawmill manager/sister-in-law nemesis) will only serve to double the dramatic effect.