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Between the fees, textbooks and all-important daily trips to the uni bar, there’s not much leftover cash to play with when trying to score a tertiary education. But as the temps drop, at some point you’re gonna have to bite the bullet and cop some fresh winter wares. Before you go and sell your soul on Fiverr for extra scrilla, we’ve scoured the depths of ASOS to bring you a handful of mid-semester style essentials that won’t set you back more than 60 bucks a pop. 

Picture: ASOS

The jacket

Without contest, the hooded jacket is the MVP of uni outerwear. Why? It ticks all the basic boxes – warmth, comfort, stylish, and can be worn over just about anything. Plus, it’s equipped with a much-needed cloaking device should you pass an old Tinder flame on the way to class. Or worse, that lecturer hounding your spectacularly overdue work.

 ASOS zip-through windbreaker in black, $59

The pants

Buying clothes is like working out: it’s heaps tempting to skip leg day, but you shouldn’t.  Your bottom-half is the foundation for the rest of your getup, so invest in a decent pair of black or traditional blue jeans – they go with basically everything.

ASOS straight leg jeans in blue, $55

The bag

In case you haven’t sorted yourself a decent carrier, now is the time – if not for practicality sake, then at least to give your forearms a break (seeing as textbooks are heavier than the average dumbbell). A backpack or tote should do the trick. 

ASOS backpack in camo print, $28


The boots

Ideally, you want something practical; a boot that’ll get you from library to libations with comfort and ease, and wouldn’t look out of place if you had to ping straight from a lecture to a first date. In other words, wonder shoes - more commonly known as desert boots or, for a lighter option, canvas kicks. 


 Jack & Jones Spider canvas plimsolls, $59 


Picture: ASOS

The staples

For all other layers, look to your mate the humble multi-pack. It’s the cheapest way to stock up on things like tees, socks, warm essentials and underwear. Because even if you don’t like your tute group, you can at least have the decency to wear a fresh shirt during your next (probably missable) meet-up. 


ASOS hoodie 2-pack in navy and black, $60



Picture: ASOS

The base layer

The temps have dropped and the library heater has finally carked it. No sweat if you've layered up pre-class. Stave off the chill with a long-sleeve tee as a base layer, and a windbreaker or thicker oversized tee over the top before throwing on your jacket. 

ASOS oversized T-shirt with retro colour, $36