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Are any of the items you sell made using real fur?

We don't promote or sell real fur. We're members of The Fur Free Retailer program which is supported by the Fur Free Alliance (FFA), an international coalition of leading animal and environmental protection organizations worldwide.

Animal products and synthetic materials made to look like animal products must be clearly labelled as faux on the product description and care label to avoid confusion. 

All ASOS Brand suppliers and brands are required to provide information on the name of the species of animal used in their products (both common and scientific name) and the country of origin of where the animal was reared.

It has been highlighted in the media that faux fur is being substituted with real fur by manufacturers as it can be cheaper than synthetic materials. ASOS firmly believes this is not acceptable and has been raising awareness with internal teams to identify real fur from fake. We also conduct spot checks on products to check that faux fur is not being substituted with real fur.

Click here to find out how to tell the difference between faux fur and real fur.

For more information, check out the Fur Free Retailer international program.

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