Warning: some spoilers below

Action movies are usually the domain of men. Guns, fire, smoke and exhaust is cinematic code for testosterone. So, with great and welcome surprise, Mad Max: Fury Road rides in as a story of women driving fast and fearlessly in the name of liberation.

It is part of a series of Mad Max films, each set in a dystopian world, about a man, Max, and his fight for salvation. Although it doesn’t sound like there is much room for women in it, this latest adaption features Charlize Theron as a feisty leader to a harem of beautiful, enslaved wives of a cruel dictator. Boiling the plot down, it could be seen as a modern-day Pretty Woman (handsome man rescues a stunning lady, who in turn saves him). Or, it could be read as a recapturing of the suffragettes movement (a group of females risking life and reputation to fight for freedom).

So, the big Q: is it a feminist masterpiece?