Make-up bag looking a little sad? Bathroom shelves seen better days? What you need is a dose of beauty spring-cleaning. Here are the three tips from make-up supremo Anne Sophie Costa on how to get your beauty bag looking tip-top again. 

1. Take out everything and get rid of anything you never wear or that's out of date. Certain products have a limited shelf life (found out by turning the pot or tube over – if there's a little drawing of a number inside a tub, that's your shelf-life in months). Old mascaras, foundation, concealers and moisturisers are especially dodge. 

2. Freshen up your tools. Banish bacteria and feel like a real artiste by cleansing your make-up brushes. Use isopropyl alcohol for a quick clean, then once a month clean with French rose soap to hydrate them and make them smell lovely.

3. Here's the fun part: treat yourself to a new vanity case or make-up bag, and replace any old bits you binned. Anne Sophie’s pick of the ASOS beauty products? She stocks up on Stila eyeliner because ‘it's the best! Easy to apply and stays all day!’