Kim Gordon (aka the bassist and half the vocal contingent of cult 80s/90s band Sonic Youth) has released a new book, and it's mega salacious. Called Girl In A Band, it traces her totally rad life from little girl in Cali to grunge pioneer. It touches on the rise and fall of her relationship with bandmate-slash-ex-hubby Thurston Moore, her friendship with Kurt Cobain and becoming frenemies with his other half Courtney Love.

The memoir starts at the point of SY’s last show, before jumping back to her scene-setting life as a child with a paranoid schizophrenic brother, then swiftly moving through the years of her relationship with Moore and her quick rise to cult fame as the female lead of an avant-garde rock band. This latter half of the book is a gem of memories and is full of great anecdotes, like the time KG started the X-Girl clothing line and got a young Chloë Sevigny to model for it. We suggest: read it, love it, listen to Kool Thing by Sonic Youth again. If you can’t, our cheat sheet and key quotes are below.