As you might expect from the fashion editor of The Sunday Times Style, there was a lot to like about the outfit that Pandora Sykes chose for day two of London Fashion Week. The vintage Chanel baseball jacket, for one; and her Alexa for AG jeans red shirt-dress, for two: but it's the accessories that are the real outfit-makers here. We're talkin' Pandora's brown Gucci bag and sandals. Now, brown – we've talked about it before, and we know it's happening, not least because of fashion's current obsession with all things 70s. By matching brown with two kinds of red, Pandora has de-scarified the potentially ugly shade. And that's a move we're totally down with. 

Want to get into fashion but not sure how? Watch Pandora take part in the ASOS London Fashion Week talk on Sunday 22 Feb at 5.30pm, and get involved using #MyBigIdea on Twitter.