Clue: it starts with 1 and ends with D. As it goes with the majority of trending topics on Twitter, there's a One Direction connection and this time it's Niall Horan and his rumored new GF, Melissa Whitelaw. 'Nelissa', as the friendlier 1-D fans are calling the couple, were spotted together on the recent Australian leg of the 1D tour, and *bingo* it's been hot goss on the fan scene ever since. So what are the all important need-to-knows about Melissa? Turns out gurl's got sizzlin' taste in style (check out her blog, which includes style shout-outs to 90s Angelina Jolie and Miranda Kerr), posts way-lol mantras on IG, as well as pics of her buff-ting brother. So, there's one less single One Directioner out there, but we've gained a new girl crush. Every cloud, eh?

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