OK, let’s be honest: we’ve all had an awks moment when you turn up to a fancy event looking more scruff than sass. My latest example was wearing dungarees to the opening night of an uptown theatre show, for which I had a front row ticket (y’know, just in case anyone missed my hillbilly vibe). While I should probably have been more fashion-forward, there’s something about all-in-one denim that’s hard to resist. If only someone had shown me this pic of blogger Charlotte Groeneveld, at Frame Denim’s AW15 show last night, I'd have been a whole lot more prepared. Who knew dungarees could be so swish? Here's what I learned: 

1. Boots with some height are a plan. Also, tan with denim? Heaven. 

2. A mini bag that shimmers seriously brings the party. 

3. A fabulous/OTT coat (faux fur and mixed colours: yass) gives it some sass. 

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