JW Anderson is on a roll. The East London-based fashion designer (the ‘J’ is for Jonathan), this week unveilled a resort line that was a mash-up of inspirations resulting in a collection, modelled by newbie Damaris Goddrie, that was heart-stoppingly modern and cool. '[I was] looking at the 60s, looking at odd modernity. It’s evoking nostalgia, but not making it decade specific,' Anderson explained. Case in point: retro elements like large white plastic belt buckles that scream Austin Powers, brown leather trench coats that are very Pam Grier circa Foxy Brown, and late 80s-style ball-end earrings. The best part? The high-waisted, flat front trousers with splits at the bottom of the inseam to create a boot cut, with elongating properties to propel them to the top of every fashion fan’s shopping list. J-Dub, we are in love. 

Three next-level fashion ideas from Karrueche, Victoria and Vanessa.

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