Rosamund Pike looked the epitome of under-the-radar glamour when she hit the red carpet for the Palm Springs Film Festival this week. Then she turned around. Had our eyes deceived us, or had Rosamund actually reached for the clippers and got an undercut? Consider the mic officially dropped. We pinned Rosamund's samurai pony on the spot, only to then be met with pics of Cara D working a full buzz-tastic punk-pony while cruising Beverly Hills. 

Before you go full Brit in '07 however, a few wise words from ASOS Social Media Assistant Elise, an ex-undercut exponent. 'Be prepared for lots head stroking and loads of upkeep. And the grow-out phase? You're going to need to invest in industrial amounts of kirby grips and you can wave goodbye to Friday night updos and that get-your-hair-off-your neck feeling. Glastonbury was the worst. I'd definitely do it again though...' 

Want more blue Jan hair ideas? Course ya do, here's the best babe hair of the week...

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