Reckon you can recite every line from Clueless? Well, prepare to feel a bit less smug about your Cher and Dionne knowledge from tomorrow, 23 January, because a new documentary Beyond Clueless, by 23-year-old Charlie Lyne, gets its UK-wide cinema release. Let's just say it will blow everybody’s teen movie know-how out the water – artist Tracey Emin called it 'a PhD on the history of high school cinema'.

The doc features over 200 coming-of-age teen movie classics, sliced and diced, with a voiceover that teenage angst movie fans will 100% recognise, and an awesome soundtrack by pop duo Summer Camp. We caught up with filmmaker Charlie to find out more and to ask how, exactly, you go from having a big idea to making a big budget movie. 

Check out where to see the movie, here.