Gaga had a dress made from her, Avril Lavigne wrote a song about her and Katy Perry is obsessed with her. Who are we talking about? Hello Kitty, duh. Celebrating her 40th birthday (gurl look good!), Kits is on a whirlwind tour of the globe. But – hold your Hello Kitty shaped landline for just one hot minute – things aren’t what they seem. Here are three facts about the legend that will rock your cat-shaped world…

  1. She is not a cat. The LA Times has reported that Hello Kitty expert (amaze), anthropologist and Harvard boffin Christine Yano, was quickly corrected by Kitty manufacturer Sanrio when she referred to the Kitster in a book she was writing as a 'cat' – and that she is, in fact, a little girl. 'Kitty may be your friend but she is not a cat and she is never on all fours,' Yano says, corrected. FYI she also has a pet cat of her own called Charmmy Kitty. But what about the whiskers, bae? 
  2. She is British. In fact she lives 'just outside of London' (we love the specificity), her full name is Kitty White, she is 'the height of five apples', she is a Scorpio and she loves apple pie.
  3. She has a sister. Kitty White is an eight-year-old schoolgirl AND she has a twin sister. Mind. Blown.

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