OK so essentially what’s going on here is that both Cara Delevingne and Zoë Kravitz are rocking super-cute XXL tees, short shorts and steam-punk sunnies, but look how cool they look! In a game of spot the difference, we can see the following: Zoë totes dresses up her Beastie Boys T-shirt with double-strap heels (want) and a black fedora, while Cara’s keeping it cool in Chanel kicks (dream shoe) and go-faster stripe shorts. Sure, the gurls are steppin’ out in NYC and it’s like, totally 30 degrees there, but takeout tip: this weekend is officially the last hurrah for summer and a perfect opp to werk your summer threads. So, whether you’re off to Reading or Leeds, hitting up Notting Hill Carnival or heading to your mate’s BBQ, make like Zoë and Cara and co-ordinate with your bezzie. Pin immediately! 

Want to see how Zoë's rocks are rocking our world? Sure you do.