It was just an average day for any Brooklyn Nets fans who happened to be watching the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game  at The Barclays Centre New York yesterday. Firstly Jay Z and Beyoncé swanned in, then the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took their courtside seats before the couples were introduced during the third and fourth quarters (don’t ask us) of the game. No biggie.

The main takeaways from this super-duper oh-my-freakin-gawd event? Here you go: Kate, who’s nearly five months pregnant, wore a Tory Burch coat; the Royals were sat next to 7ft 2in of NBA legend, Dikembe Mutumbo; Wills tucked into popcorn; an eyewitness told People magazine that Jay-Z 'wished Will and Kate "Merry Christmas"'; Lebron James gave Kate and Wills a yellow #7 jersey with the word 'Cambridge' on it, as well as a smaller red jersey for Prince George and when LeBron James asked William what size shoes he wore, he replied, 'Half the size of yours.' LeBron wears size 15, FYI. LOLz all round!