Can we take a moment to talk about New Year's Eve please? Specifically, New Year's Eve and Sienna Miller? Sienna appeared on the red carpet for the New York premiere of American Sniper (she stars as Taya Kyle, the wife of real-life war hero Chris, played by Bradley Cooper) in a white, off-the-shoulder dress, which is exactly the kind of sleek-sassy combo that is called for on NYE. Why does it work? Well, Sienna's dress is Balenciaga so it's pretty major to start with, but the takeout tip is that white is an excellent idea. The Bardot neckline and sheer finish/big pants ensemble help swerve any potential 'bride' connotations, while the midi length and long sleeves keep the whole thing looking sleek. Sharp, Sienna! So damn sharp. 

After more going-out inspiration? Then meet artist/model Phoebe Collings-James. She's got loads.

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