We're all there: stocking up on and rediscovering our old roll necks, oversized, Christmas and chunky jumpers because winter has landed. But how about some new knitwear inspiration, courtesy of British model Malaika Firth (left, pictured by Urban Spotter) and Danish model Nadja Bender (right, snapped by Models Jam).

The takeout tips that will save your season? Like Malaika, don't be shy with firework colours and take a moment to think about jumper dresses rather than just a top-half knit. Or, as spotted on Nadja, check in with Fair Isle prints (if you can't now, then when can you?), and master the front tuck to keep a slouchy ensemble from looking scruffy. #weatherbomb, diffused. 

Add some thigh-highs to your winter jumper steez...

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