Make it a fuzzy one. Why? Because whether you realise it or not, you're going to look like you're the boss lady in a glam, faux fur coat. Sure, you might have already invested in a winter coat (you organised thing, you), but every gurl should have a furry coat tucked away in her wardrobe (check out Cailin Russo in this amazing green shearling number for evidence). Nothing looks quite so bizniz when chucked over a ball gown/skinnies/ tea dress/jumpsuit/tracksuit. Fact. 

So, how is this year's fuzziness any different from last year's? Good question. This time round, it's about colour. Cult faux-fur brand Shrimps dressed just about everyone at LFW (Alexa is never without her coat) in their candy-floss, princess-pretty fur. Prada went film noir with purple shearling and Tom Ford chose scarlet and shaggy with his sex-on-legs fluff, which was so Kate Hudson in Almost Famous. Time to get up the fluff: faux is here fur real. 

Oh and while you're here, why not find out just how Balmain you are…

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