Who doesn't love a bit of fluff? Here's today's super-cute gift of the day from Daily Editorial intern, Joanna Kyte. 

Gimme why? I've been dreamin' of furry accessories all throughout summer and this ball of fluff is just what I want on my arm at Christmas parties.

Regifting: yes or no? I've got no drama with the idea but I never get round to actually doing it. I've become better pals with eBay this year so I might have to try to steer my fam away from the site in January (sorry, Mum).

My gift wrapping style…  I'm seriously lastminute.com so all my gifts are wrapped on Christmas Eve. Do I at least use cutesy paper? Nuh-uh. I swipe other (more organised) family members' leftover wrap and kinda mix it up. So edgy it hurts.

River Island Grey Fluffy Xbody, £30

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