Today's gift of the day is a navy blue leather rucksack from ASOS, chosen by me – ASOS Daily News deputy editor, Alex Butt. 

Gimme why? Boys' backpacks can sometimes look a bit, y'know, gap year: like you're going to find a manky banana and some old pens at the bottom of them. Not this one, though. So sleek. 

Regifting: yes or no? Totally. I learned to be ruthless about that from mother Butt (she's very much like, 'Who wants these before they go to charity?' circa Boxing Day). Still, better that someone else enjoys something you don't want than it festers in a drawer somewhere, right? 

My gift-wrapping style… It's pretty organised, though arguably a bit unfestive. The year I wrapped everything in black with ribbons made of latex tape bought from a sex shop in Soho? Yeah, the old people didn't really get that one. 

ASOS smart leather backpack, £65

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