OK, everything we thought we knew about male celebrity has just shifted. Sod that, the Earth may not be round... Today, two photos have forced us to reconsider Ryan Gosling's supreme hotness. First, an image of a moustachioed, aviator-laden, brown suit-wearing Gos on the set of his new movie The Nice Guys (the first pic of him since his baby arrived) left us feeling, well, not our usual sweaty-palmed selves. And then, THEN, we saw a snap of Joey Essex dressed as a zombie and we almost got down on bended knee. 

Maybe it's the face paint, maybe it's the contouring, maybe it's the jacket, maybe it's just the sheer swagger of his gait... who knows? But we defy you to be un-moved by his half-dead handsomeness. Joey, you sly dog, we've got our beady eyes on you. 

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