Yep, it's Mr 90s dreamboat himself, Peter Andre. He launched his latest fragrance for the laydeez, Scarlet, today in London, and Tay Tay dropped the news of her latest perfume, Incredible Things, last night. Now – bottles: his is a red, curvy number (sexy) and hers comes in a fancy paint-splodged bottle – as a lil' nod to her <3 of watercolours appaz. Campaign-wise, they're both working a serious smoulder in their ad shots and while we still have a secret urge to be Pete's mysterious girl, we're majorly crushing on the all-round babeness of Taylor both in the ad and IRL, so she takes the crown on this one. Soz, Pete.  

See Taylor's BFF Lena Dunham rocking ASOS. 

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