Thinking of going to the cinema this weekend? Grab a ticket for our hot ticket, The Maze Runner

Effy, we mean Kaya Scodelario, plays Teresa, the only gurl in an otherwise all-male cast (think Katniss but way more normcore). Basically, it's all about a bunch of teenagers (none of whom can remember their pasts) battling to retain their home (the peaceful grassy 'glade') which borders on the giant labyrinth home of killing-machines the Grievers, and is, as you'd imagine, a pretty darn tense watch. 

We grabbed Kaya (if you're up for some post-Skins research, girl gives good Instagram) to compliment her on her incred American accent (see the film, people) and find out what it really feels like to be invited to a Chanel fashion show. Oh la la! 💅💅💅

Find out which film inspired Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's baby-name choice. You won't guess...

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