It's not just New York Fashion Week dominating your social channels today, thanks to the geniuses over at Apple. Anna Wintour (or, y'know, the Queen of Fashion) may not be over her flip phone (retro-chic, non?), but we're fully invested in the future of mobile technology: the iPhone 6. Here are three things you need to know about Apple's big announcement. 

1) It's not just one new iPhone that's going to change our lives (or something less dramatic) come 19 September – it's two. The iPhone 6 will have a 4.7 inch screen, while the iPhone 6 Plus will have a 5.5 inch screen. They will both have over 1 million pixels, which basically means you're going to be able to see your Instagram feed in crazy high quality. Oh, and the iPhone 6 will be available in dark black and gold, plus the battery life is better. You can avoid charging it at the pub now! 

2) There's also the Apple Watch (OMG). The sleek new device will be offered in silver, a sporty design or in super-luxe 18-carat gold. There's no keyboard. Instead, you must dictate the text or simply use emojis. Essentially, this is a smartphone for your wrist... that only uses emojis that are animated. Dream. Come. True. 

3) iOS 8, the new operating system, will drop on 17 September. One of the many features that snagged our attention is Apple Pay, which will securely store all of your credit-card info, making it easy-peasy to spend your money come pay day. Currently, there are no deets on the rumoured new emojis ☹, but we're sure more info is on the way. Viva ! 

No worries – there are still plenty of ways to swag out your iPhone 5.