If you've read the book, you'll feel like you've been waiting actual years for the film adaptation of super intense Gillian Flynn thriller Gone Girl. And if you haven't you're probs super intrigued to see what all the fuss is about, right? Well you're in luck, cause it finally hits cinemas this Thursday (yesss!), but if you still can't wait that long (we couldn't either), here's a few not-quite spoilers to answer all the v important questions you're dying to know the answers to...

What is Rosamund Pike like as (lead character) Amy? 
Pretty amazing (don't get it? You soon will!). She's definitely got that ice queen thang nailed, although she does speak reaaaalllly slowly a lot of the time. Also, we want to know her skincare regime, stat. Girl is #flawless. 

Is Ben Affleck fit in it? 
Initial reaction: Duh, obvs, it's Ben Affleck. But on closer inspection he does have a bit of a beer belly going on. Plus, he's not always the most loveable character. We'll leave you to make your own mind up. 

Can we spot any other famous faces? 
Yep! How I Met Your Mother's Neil Patrick Harris ditches the LOLz to play the sinister Desi Collings. And mega babe Emily Ratajkowski AKA that girl from Pharrell and Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines vid plays hawt student Andie.