In a move that makes total sense for the chameleon-haired pop star, Demi Lovato has just released her Secret Colour hair extension line. You can now buy Demi-inspired hair extensions and become a pink, blue or redhead, and then be back to boring by lunchtime (you know, for any meet-the-parents/job interview type scenarios). Ace. 

Colour hair extensions are totally happening. London DJ and entrepreneur Siobhan Bell started Cherryade Hair this summer. Why? 'I started it because I couldn't find anywhere that really provided coloured hair extensions. There are places like Bleach London and Fudge hair, which create amazing colourful bleached hair, but some people don't want to bleach their hair, or can't. I wanted to create an alternative, or even a way to add length to your already coloured hair.' Coloured hurr, don't curr? Follow Siobhan for more pinnable pics and custom extensions.

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