Looking for dreamy OOTD inspo? BOOM! Enter Brit-born actress, singer, model and muse, Jane Birkin. The style icon shot to fame in the late '60s, where on the set of Slogan in 1968 she famously started a love affair with French singer-songwriter Serge Gainsbourg. Today, we’re shouting out to her ermayzin' English rose/French super-chic style on the day that London art gallery, Proud Chelsea, is launching Jane & Serge, an exhibition documenting their generation-defining romance, photographed by Jane's brother Andrew (find out more about it, here).

For a lesson straight outta the laissez-faire style guide, copy Jane's raw-hem indigo jeans (they're majorly Marques’Almeida AW14) in this season’s no.1 shape to try: the flare. Complete the look with a cosy blue-on-blue knit, messy top knot and mono brogues for casj cool from top-to-toe. Birkin, what a bae.

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