To anyone on the periphery of Fashion Week, you could be forgiven for thinking it's a breeding ground for Regina George "On Wednesdays we wear pink"-type mean girls. But in fact, word hasn't come down from above that everyone must wear this sugary shade – it's just one of those happy coincidences that come out of fashion week. Girls wearing it enviously well include Vanessa Hong from super-stylish blog The Haute Pursuit (left), whose wafty maxi-dress was all kinds of cute, and with the help of a knee-high slash, sporty runners and a classic leather bag, her outfit became sass on a (selfie) stick. Models Claire Millar (middle) and Jessica Hart (right) also spiced up their baby-pink elements via coolify-ing black accessories: love that they both have chain-strap handbags (it's these little hardwear additions that really pep up your pink). No pink in your existing wardrobe (srlsy)? Take Regina's harsh advice and "get in loser – we're going shopping!"


See how Alexa Chung styled her baby-pink PU skirt at Marc by Marc Jacobs.