Not got round to selling those clogs you swore you'd 'never take off' on Gumtree yet? Tired of blaming dodgy lighting for your cast-offs not selling on Ebay? We’d like to introduce you to Depop, the new shopping app that's the lazy girls’ answer to the car-boot sale.

De what? Depop is hassle-free. By setting up a profile you’re effectively curating your own little shop.

De how? Forget costs for posting items, stressful bidding and long hours spent trying to photograph your old gym kit so it resembles Céline. Depop let’s you pimp your clothes at the click of a button. Want to sell some jeans? Take a snap, upload to Depop, pop on a filter, name a price and share. People can comment on your photos if they’re interested in buying and the private message function means you decide who to sell to. All payments go through PayPal. Easy peasy.

Do who? When you sign up you’re automatically following big-time sellers. Now for the juicy bit. There are increds designers, bloggers and stylists already selling their untapped wears on Depop, so we’ve selected the three sellers you should start following… immediately.

If you're not on a smart phone (go you!) then don't forget the ol' faithfuls; Ebay, Marketplace and Gumtree. Long live the bargain.