Shade London might be a fledgling fashion label (established 2012), but thanks to their shouty branding (Shade elastic waistbands, Shade sleeve piping, Shade lanyards) and celebrity fan base, they're pretty hard to miss. Ellie Goulding wore – and Instagrammed to her 3 million followers – a Shade London white marble crop top at Wireless last weekend (seen below on Shade model, Annabelle Williams), Kylie Jenner Tumblr’d the long-sleeved net crop top and Rihanna used to follow them on Instagram before she peaced out. Besides the VIP fan worship, the brand's own social media platforms are pretty cool too: check out their Twitter and Instagram for nail art inspiration and cool girls to follow. Want in on the action? Shop Shade London here on ASOS Marketplace.

Check out the girls making backwards caps look cool.

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