Not since the early 90s, when indie kids, grunge fans and the hip-hop community embraced construction wear, have Caterpillar boots seemed quite so on the money. Caterpillar was founded as a construction equipment company waay back in 1925, and although never considered quite as cool as Penfield, Timberland and Carhatt, it's preparing for its princess moment now.

So what's new? The classic sand-coloured desert boot with trademark CAT logo has been updated for this summer with a funkadelic colour palette – we're particularly keen on the patent and hot pink / flaming orange versions. PR and social media star Maria Pizzeria loves hers so much, she Instagrammed them with 'Lush!' in an appropriately hip-hop-esque font. We reckon that these babies, along with the Kickers lilac metallic ankle boots, are your one-way ticket to festival footwear bliss.

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