Have you seen the trailer for Emma Stone's new film, Magic In The MoonlightThe Amazing Spider-Man star plays a spiritual guru (sold!) and acts alongside Colin Firth in the 1920s themed, Woody Allen-directed romance and here's why we just can't get enough:

1) Following in the hallowed footsteps of Penélope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson, Stone seems to be Allen's new muse (she's also starring in his as-yet-untitled next movie), and with her gift for comedy (remember Easy A?) and considerable beauty, we say she's a smart choice. (Side note: She recently shared her obsession over fellow Woody Allen muse Diane Keaton saying, 'She's probably going to have to get some sort of restraining order'.)

2) He may have a few wrinkles round the edges but smooth man Colin Firth still knows how to turn on the Mr Darcy charm. Tuxed to the max and with that signature smirk, we can't help but swoon even just a little bit and it seems Emma can't either. #DILF

3) From retro cars to sultry jazz bars, we're getting a very Midnight In Paris vibe (with a bit of The Great Gatsby thrown in). And there's some serious wardrobe envy too with Miss Stone dazzling in lots of vintage beauties: from calf-length Charleston dresses and beaded headbands to berets and Breton stripes.

Watch the trailer for Magic In The Moonlight here. It's released in the UK in September. Eep.