Seen the ads for Sky Atlantic's new TV series Penny Dreadful, but not sure whether you can face watching it alone? Well, we've seen episode one, and here are three things to help you decide.

1. It's scary. Really scary. Inspired by 19th-century gothic literature, it's very Dracula, but there's also flesh-eating bugs, curses and corpses all over the place. 

2. Your teenage crush Josh Hartnett is back and with quite a nice beard – and he definitely still has it. In other hunk stakes, Reeve Carney (the guy who messes Taylor around in the I Knew You Were Trouble video) isn't bad either. 

3. We're really feeling the girl talent too. Bond girl Eva Green makes a fierce #girlbawse and look out for Billie Piper as a possible later love interest. 

Our verdict? Worth watching (from behind your hands), but make sure you invite your bravest mates around first.