Monday Start your week with synth-pop band Metronomy's new album Love Letters or curl up on the sofa to the DVD of indie comedy Drinking Buddies, starring Anna Kendrick, Olivia Wilde and Nick from New Girl.
Tuesday This week sees Charli XCX (pictured), Banks and FKA twigs flock to super-cool everything-arty Texas festival 
SXSW (that's pronounced 'south by southwest', FYI) to perform. Def worth a YouTube.
Wednesday Need an Aaron Paul fix post-Breaking Bad? Check him out in Need For Speed. And, Channel 4's Live From Space season starts tonight with a documentary on astronauts. Prepare to get space-obsessed.
Friday See Scarlett Johansson like you've never seen her before in thriller Under The Skin. Alternatively, you could go and see the slightly less scary Veronica Mars film, which came into being because of KickstarterHappy week!