Last night saw Game of Thrones mega-hunk, Kit Harington, hit Sydney for the film premiere of Pompeii (out here in May) and ASOS Aussie editor Genevieve was there to chat to him. The film sees Harington play Milo, a fearless (read: buff) gladiator, striving to save his true love against the backdrop of an exploding volcano. Standard. Ahead of its release, as well as the return of GoT next month, here's your Kit-fix to get you through…

Who do you reckon would win if Jon Snow, your GoT character, and Milo, your Pompeii character, were in a fight? 
KH: I have to say it would be a dead heat, wouldn’t it? Because they’re essentially the same person [laughs]. Probably Milo just because I got a lot better at fighting when I filmed Pompeii. Milo’s pretty badass. 

Is it weird when people shout ‘You know nothing Jon Snow!’ (or other GoT catchphrases) at you?
KH: It’s weird. It’s great that people are so enthusiastic about the show, and I’m thrilled they feel the need to say that to me. I still don’t really know what it means, really, as a tagline. 

And we have to ask, what were your picks from this year’s Oscars?
KH: I loved Blue Jasmine – it was an amazing movie! Was Her nominated? I loved Her! I haven’t seen 12 Years a Slave, so I’m looking forward to seeing that.