Monday Cancel all your plans tonight to catch the finales of Girls on Sky Atlantic and My Mad Fat Diary on E4. Eep. Then, dance around to WildeWoman, the debut album from indie Brooklyn pop girlband, Lucius. 
Tuesday Hair stylist to the stars (most famously to the One Direction ladz) Lou Teasdale releases her book, The Craft, full of fun, colourful hair and make-up ideas. And, get your Jamie Dornan fix pre-50 Shades in Channel 4's swashbuckling historical drama, New Worlds, also starring Skins' Freya Mavor and Alice Englert. 
Friday Prepare to get obsessed with the dystopian series Divergent, now in cinemas. Or, for something a little quirkier, watch Richard (Submarine) Ayoade's arty The Double with Mia Wasikowska and boyf Jesse Eisenberg. And, for an epic watch, go see the film adaptation of Noah, with Emma Watson and Douglas Booth. 
Saturday And, finally, feel super-cultural by going to see The Glamour of Italian Fashion at the V&A. Enjoy!