Let's talk hair. Big hair. There's a new group of style stars who are rocking magnificent tresses like there's no tomorrow. Take singer Solange Knowles (below centre), whose hair has become a trademark, because whether it’s disco-sculpted or in tumbling curls, it’s only ever XXX-L. Less groomed but in no way less magnificent are Lorde’s tresses (right), which fly around her head in such thick, heavy waves that we sometimes fear she’ll bruise her own face. Similarly, super-stylist Cleo Wade (left) regularly maxes out her incredible curls with crowns and garlands. 

So, how can the rest of us harness their power? Cleo told us she basically 'never' washes her hair to keep her curls thick and ringletty, while hair stylist Chuck Amos, who has worked with Solange, advises oiling your tresses and wrapping them in a silk scarf whenever you can to prevent breakage. As for those of us with a sum total of four hairs on our entire heads? Well, make like Cleo and pad out your hair with giant garlands and accessories and remember: Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume is your number-one weapon.