Here at ASOS HQ we're an eclectic bunch – but every now and then a trend becomes so rife it reaches 'a thing' status. This week, lace tops are definitely a thing. Here's why they're ace: 

They're a layering badass: Whether worn as a cute statement over a white shirt (pictured, top left) or as a subtle layer underneath a shirt with sleeves rolled up (middle left), a lace top is the new go-to layering multitasker. Perfect for unpredictable hot/cold weather too.

They let you wear a crop top to work: Delphine Chui, ASOS News Writer (main picture), wears her lace blouse with a crop top underneath, and says, 'I'd never just wear this crop top to work (the flesh factor is totally NSFW) – but wearing a girlie lace blouse over the top makes it work-ready.'