Monday blues? We know who can help.

Indiana's video for the super-catchy track (and one of Zane Lowe's 'hottest records in the world'), Solo Dancing has just dropped. We're loving the Brit singer's dark electro pop, but if that wasn't enough, the video also features a dancing candlestick and a pug. Check it out below. 

And for a fix of everything from indie to distorted 80s R&B, listen to Annie Clarke AKA St. Vincent. Her brilliant fourth album, St Vincent is out today, so we caught up with the lady herself to find out what we can expect and what's she's been up to.

Tell us about the album…
'I wanted to make a party record that you could also play at a funeral. It’s kinetic and danceable, but also has heart.'

Who are you listening to?
'I liked the King Krule album, I love Chance the Rapper. I loved the last Kanye record, too.'

You played the Diane con Furstenberg show at New York Fashion Week. How was it?
'It was really fun. Dianne was lovely – she’s very warm and such a powerhouse! She was so supportive and was dancing along in the sound check. Karen Olsen was walking and I really like her. It was a really nice show.'