ASOS Senior Fashion and News Writer Jemma Tibbals checked out the latest fitness craze sweeping London and coming to a town near you…

What: Voga, a fusion of yoga and Vogueing dance moves (made famous by Madonna circa 1990 in her Vogue music video). Think regular yoga poses like the Sphinx and the Shoulder Press, but with high-energy dance moves and lots of attitude. My personal fave was the squat and point (seen in the video below at 1.07): I could feel the burn!
Where: Three times a week in London, but Voga inventor Juliet Murrell has taken it to Brazil so expect a global Voga takeover.
Who: People with loads of energy who want to have fun at yoga. There were lots of students in my Monday night class (one confessed that was due to him being on reading week and spending the day in bed so he had the energy needed to take on Voga).
Wear: I wasn't sure what to expect (would people be channeling late 80s/early 90s Madonna in cut-off fishnets?), so I played it safe in an oversized T-shirt over bright American Apparel leggings. 
Tunes: Personal favourites that got me through the thigh burn were: Jimmy Edgar – Hot Sharp Touch, Cheryl Lynn – Got To Be Real, Janet Jackson – What Have You Done For Me Lately, A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray. Sadly no Madge.

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